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Love Letters

May 24, 2007



Food delicious Food

May 11, 2007





A topic kids love! 





After introducing vocabulary, my kids made some posters and their favourite sandwich.

They listened to the story Ketchup on your Cornflakes and expressed their likes  J and dislikes L .



Last but not least, they sang Food, food, I love-4.png  food over and over.




APPInep Day

May 10, 2007





Celebrating Mother’s day

May 7, 2007



Today we celebrated mother’s day!

 Children played games with their mothers, they sang songs to their mothers and they recited a small English poem to their mothers. 



At 4 pm mothers were invited to a 5 o’clock tea:

* black tea with cream; scones with jam; muffins and pastry*



Oh! boy! were they proud!



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Mother’s day

May 2, 2007

picture holder

On Mother’s day, we’ve decided to make a picture holder with the following poem:

“Here are flowers

Bright and gay

Just for you

On Mother’s day”

Picture Holder:


  • clothespin
  • magnet
  • fun foam
  • scissors


  1.   Cut flowers shapes from the fun foam.
  2. Glue them at the top of the clothespin.
  3. Glue the magnet on the back of the clothespin.