Last week at school (I)

school closed

School is almost over!

 It’s time to put away our books and enjoy the sun.

So, today at school we played a game.


to have fun.

to revise English vocabulary and simple structures.


  1.  Fair Play
  2.  No Portuguese
  3. “Help me please!” + “How do you say … in English?”
  4. 10 seconds to answer

* If these rules are broken -1 point



  1. Divide the class into three groups:

              sun1 moon star

  1. Give 20 pieces of paper to each group 
  2. Write on the paper some questions: what’s your name? / Do you like ham?  / What’s your favourite animal? / What are your favourite clothes?/ How do you say azul in English?/ How old are you? / How are you?/etc
  3. Pile up the questions on each group’s table.
  4. Add some cards containing instructions like: count to 10/ sing a song/ mime an animal/ draw a pizza
  5. Give a ball to each team
  6. Kids pass the ball while the music is playing. When the music stops the kids with the balls have to pick a card and make a question (the suns ask questions to the moons and the moons to the stars and the stars to the suns).
  7. Give one point for each correct question and answer.

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