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October 10, 2009

Last week it was time to revise the AlPHABET!

A song was listened to: 

Afterwards an ABC pictionary was made.

ABC pictionary

To sum up kids played a game called :

A lump of Coal

a stocking; an alphabet pictionary (cards) and a blank card (isntead of a lump of coal card) are needed.

In small groups, kids take turns pulling a card out of the stocking. If they can identify the picture and the sound, they can keep the card. If they pull the blank card they have to put all the cards back in the stocking


Now, not only can kids ask me or other peers to spell a word without asking the letter in Portuguese, but they can also play hangman and revise lots of other words!



Last week at school (I)

June 18, 2007

school closed

School is almost over!

 It’s time to put away our books and enjoy the sun.

So, today at school we played a game.


to have fun.

to revise English vocabulary and simple structures.


  1.  Fair Play
  2.  No Portuguese
  3. “Help me please!” + “How do you say … in English?”
  4. 10 seconds to answer

* If these rules are broken -1 point



  1. Divide the class into three groups:

              sun1 moon star

  1. Give 20 pieces of paper to each group 
  2. Write on the paper some questions: what’s your name? / Do you like ham?  / What’s your favourite animal? / What are your favourite clothes?/ How do you say azul in English?/ How old are you? / How are you?/etc
  3. Pile up the questions on each group’s table.
  4. Add some cards containing instructions like: count to 10/ sing a song/ mime an animal/ draw a pizza
  5. Give a ball to each team
  6. Kids pass the ball while the music is playing. When the music stops the kids with the balls have to pick a card and make a question (the suns ask questions to the moons and the moons to the stars and the stars to the suns).
  7. Give one point for each correct question and answer.