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November 4, 2007


Here are my 4th graders Halloween drawings!

Follow their instructions and draw one yourself!





There’s a ghost in the house.

There’s a mummy behind the tree.

There’s a black cat on the roof.

There’s a pumpkin under the tree.

There is a bat flying.

There’s a witch flying.


[rockyou id=89738223&w=426&h=320]


Spooky Spider Cookies

October 22, 2007


 You will need:

* Chocolate cookies

* Peanut butter or cream cheese

* Pretzel sticks

* Raisins or smarties 


Spread one side of each cookie with a layer of peanut butter or cream cheese.Place 4 pretzel sticks on each side of 1 cookie.“Glue” on 2 raisins or smarties for eyes using another tiny bit of peanut butter.


Isn´t Halloween fun!