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Autumn Worksheet

September 30, 2007

autumn Worksheet



September 23, 2007

Let’s sing this autumn chant:

 down, down down

red, yellow, brown

leaves are falling

all over town


down down down


red, yellow , brown

leaves are falling

on the ground !




Finger Puppets

September 12, 2007

Kids absolutely love finger puppets! I love them too!

Finger puppets are always great fun to make.


Activities become more enthusiastic and more interesting. 


They sure help to motivate kids to learn English in fun ways.

So, let’s give it a go!


If you’d like to download Jack and Sue , click on:

Look for the Activity Sheets and have fun!


Preparing the school year

September 5, 2007


 Stickers and badges to praise the little ones

A CD with some nursery rhymes

An ABC poster

Realbooks to motivate Children



September 1, 2007



School Year