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November 4, 2007


Here are my 4th graders Halloween drawings!

Follow their instructions and draw one yourself!





There’s a ghost in the house.

There’s a mummy behind the tree.

There’s a black cat on the roof.

There’s a pumpkin under the tree.

There is a bat flying.

There’s a witch flying.


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Spooky Spider Cookies

October 22, 2007


 You will need:

* Chocolate cookies

* Peanut butter or cream cheese

* Pretzel sticks

* Raisins or smarties 


Spread one side of each cookie with a layer of peanut butter or cream cheese.Place 4 pretzel sticks on each side of 1 cookie.“Glue” on 2 raisins or smarties for eyes using another tiny bit of peanut butter.


Isn´t Halloween fun!


Celebrating Mother’s day

May 7, 2007



Today we celebrated mother’s day!

 Children played games with their mothers, they sang songs to their mothers and they recited a small English poem to their mothers. 



At 4 pm mothers were invited to a 5 o’clock tea:

* black tea with cream; scones with jam; muffins and pastry*



Oh! boy! were they proud!



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Mother’s day

May 2, 2007

picture holder

On Mother’s day, we’ve decided to make a picture holder with the following poem:

“Here are flowers

Bright and gay

Just for you

On Mother’s day”

Picture Holder:


  • clothespin
  • magnet
  • fun foam
  • scissors


  1.   Cut flowers shapes from the fun foam.
  2. Glue them at the top of the clothespin.
  3. Glue the magnet on the back of the clothespin.


March 23, 2007


Happy Easter!